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2021 – A Year to Remember

Nobody could have foreseen the Covid-19 pandemic and all that came with it. Too many people have been affected by it both directly and indirectly, and it is something that will no doubt be a topic of conversation for years to come. Running parallel with the health aspects were the social restrictions placed on our lives, which prevented us from socialising with both our friends and families, there was even a time in the early days where we even had to justify why we were leaving our homes, in an effort not to spread the virus. The NHS were over run with the extra hospital admissions and having to find enough beds to deal with those who had been affected. It became difficult to even obtain an appointment with your local GP doctor, even today, many are not back to providing the same service they did before the pandemic begun.

Thankfully Britain put in place a robust inoculation system to try and combat the virus and protect its citizens. Two initial jabs followed by a booster, which was in the main, based on peoples ages, has proved successful. Britain has become a world leader on how best to deal with this terrible virus, saving many lives in the process.

I wish you a very merry Christmas wherever and however you choose to spend it, hopefully that will be with friends and family, and all the very best for 2022, where we will all hopefully find a better tomorrow.

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