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Terry Danvers

I am often asked who Terry Danvers is actually  based on, well the truth is he isn’t based on anybody who I have ever actually worked with or known in the Police service. He is based more on how I feel a Police officer of the rank of Detective Chief Inspector should act and conduct themselves.

Danvers is married to Julie and they have two teenage daughters. He is a very principled man who is dedicated to his work and locking up individuals who are nasty and evil and who’s only contributions to society are that of mayhem and destruction and certainly nothing that could be considered to be productive in any way.

He has finally managed to put his work and personal life balance in to some semblance of order and finally realises how much of his children’s younger years he has missed out on because of his work.

He is loyal to those whom he works with and expects the same back in return, but is not afraid to ‘crack the whip’ when and if he feels the need to do so. He often finds his work leaves him balanced on the horns of a dilemma on what he should  do sometimes, but he always makes the right decision, which isn’t always the correct one in a legal sense, but he can sleep at night so he has no issues with what he does.

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