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Character backgrounds

This page will provide detailed information about the leading characters from my Terry Danvers collection of books. I will let you know what makes them all tick and exactly how far they are prepared to go to get the job done.

The characters:

Terry Danvers

Danvers has been the main character in both Dead Men Don’t Lie and Lost In The Night. In both books he is a Detective Chief Inspector who adopts a pragmatic approach to his work. His style is to keep it simple, be methodical and trust in his team, especially his ever dependable side kick, Colin Norfolk.

He is a very principled man which is put to the test in both books. He is married to Julie and has two grown up daughters, who he hasn’t always seen eye to eye with. To date he has been a Police officer for twenty-five years and it is only in recent times that he has realised the true importance of family life and that maybe he has possibly spent more time putting his work before his family. At times this has put a considerable strain on his relationship with Julie but they have worked things out and still love each other very much.

He is passionate about his work and still has a steely determination to lock up the bad guys but he has now worked out where the line is to ensure he gets the balance right between his work and home life.

I am often asked who the character is based on, well the truth is, he isn’t based on anybody. I have given him the qualities I believe that all Police officers should possess. Humility, confidence, understanding, compassion, genuine empathy for victims of crime, communication skills and above all else a desire to do what is morally right.

I have tried to develop his character over time and I look forward to seeing what I will get him to do in future books. The dilemma for me is what to do with him when it comes time for him to retire. I have three options as I see it. I can simply  retire him and end the story lines. I can retire him and let him become a Private Investigator or I can let him carry on working. I’ll let you know what option I’m going to take when I’ve made the decision.


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