Stephen Wynn, Stephen Wynn Author of both fictional and non-fictional books

Stephen Wynn, Stephen Wynn Author of both fictional and non-fictional books

Hello, and thank you for visiting my site. My name is Stephen Wynn. I am an author of both fictional and non-fictional books. My fictional works are in the genre of Crime fiction/murder mystery. My non fictional works are either biographical or of a military history nature.

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The Surrender of Singapore

by Stephen Wynn on November 27, 2017

My thanks to Prem Singh from Singapore for highlighting a couple of unfortunate errors in my book, The Surrender of Singapore – Three Years of Hell – 1942 – 1945.

On page 83 of the book I make mention of the Battle of Maur, when it should of course be the Battle of Muar. Sadly, this was a typo that simply wasn’t picked up in the editing stage of the book.

Just after page 84 there are a number of photographs, one of them is titled, Lim Bo Seng’s Funeral in Singapore, 15 Singapore 1942. The date is of course incorrect. Lim Bo Seng’s funeral actually took place on 13 January 1946. This for me is extremely frustrating, as when first pointed out to me I found it hard to believe that I could have made such a basic mistake. Having checked the captions which I sent in with the photographs, during the original submission stage of the manuscript for the book, the entry for photograph (13) read, Lim Bo Seng’s funeral in Singapore, that was it, there was no date. So unfortunately the date has been inadvertently added in during the editing stage.

Once again, many thanks to Prem Sing for pointing this out, and hopefully this doesn’t spoil the rest of the book for those of you who have bought, or otherwise come to read the book.

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