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Colin Norfolk

Unlike Terry Danvers, Colin Norfolk is actually based on somebody who I used to work with. The person in question knows that I have based this character on them, well to a point they do. Norfolk is calm, professional and methodical. He is a thinker. He gets the job done in the correct way and without cutting any corners. Although Danvers would never tell him to his face, he rates him very highly indeed and thinks that he is the best copper he has ever worked with.

They complement each other which makes for a good working relationship which in turn provides an excellent environment for each of them to do their job.

I’m looking forward to developing Norfolk’s character over time. So far he’s had a relationship with the estranged wife of a convicted murder. There’s been an attempt made on his life. He’s got a young daughter which only came out in ‘Dead Men Don’t Lie.’ He’s had a sexual liaison with a colleague of his which has confused him somewhat and made him question his feelings about his estranged girlfriend. Workwise, he’s got no great desire to be promoted passed his current rank of Detective Inspector, mainly because he’s concerned about being stuck behind a desk.

In a future story line he will be put in a very difficult situation, and without giving too much away, I think most readers will be surprised about how he reacts.

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