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David Laws – Two new novels.

Two new novels by the Author David Laws are due out soon. Her Private War is published in June, whilst, The Martyr of Auschwitz, is out this month. Both well worth a read.


HER PRIVATE WAR: Suffragette Charlotte Dovedale’s life is a titanic struggle against authority. She has two passions: to fly – and fight for women’s rights.

Her efforts to become a pioneer pilot are thwarted in Britain’s class-conscious society and brought to a halt when women are banned from the air at the outbreak of the First World War.

When she finally wins her big chance at an operational aerodrome in France it’s a flight fraught with danger. She becomes stranded behind enemy lines, treks huge distances in an attempt to escape…but an electrified death strip stands in her way.


THE MARTYR OF AUSCHWITZ : Bradley C. Wilkes, foreign correspondent for an American radio station, disappears from history after trying to stop Hitler going to war. He’s gatecrashed a summit conference held at Munich shortly before the conflict begins to tell British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain he must not give in to the Nazi leader’s bullying threats.

His reward is to be attacked, posted missing and never heard of again… but his granddaughter, a history graduate from Cambridge, determines to discover the truth. And her trail leads to a forest close to the Auschwitz concentration camp.

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