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Ben Salfield

by Stephen Wynn on July 12, 2021

For those of you who do not know, or who have not heard of Ben Salfield, let me tell you, he is quite a character. To check out all of the different things that he is and does, look him up on Wikipedia or on his website

His main claim to fame, I think he would agree, is as a world class lutenist, which has seen him perform as a soloist and an accompanist in countries all over the world.

I was fortunate enough to make his acquaintance whilst researching a book that I wrote entitled Duelling Through The Ages. As it turned out, in August 1994, Ben took part in the last reported duel with swords to have taken place in the UK, after he challenged another chap over a matter of honour concerning comments made about a young lady. It was a real old fashioned blood and thunder type duel. There was no pretending, or going through the motions, both men were after blood. Ben won the duel with the other fellow ending up in hospital to have his wounds treated, although thankfully for him they were not life threatening.

The young lady’s honour was upheld, not that it was ever in question, thanks to the thoughtfulness, kindness and consideration of the man that is, Mr Ben Salfield.

I thank you one and all for your time, and wish you all, a very good night.

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