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Female Police Officers – Handguns too small.

by Stephen Wynn on February 20, 2014

Just in case we needed reminding that the world has gone mad, two female Police officers have just sued their force and been paid out a total of £70,000. Had they lost limbs whilst trying to restrain a mad man on the loose? Had they been racially abused by members of the public? Had they been indecently assaulted by an over zealous colleague? The answer to all three questions is…….no! So what heinous wrong doing had been committed against them I hear you ask. Nothing more sinister than they wanted to be firearms officers but the 9mm semi-automatic handguns they would be expected to use, were too big for their little hands, which apparently meant they had been sexually discriminated against. Really! How it ever got to this beggars belief. A Glock, a Berretta or similar other 9mm semi-automatic hand guns are built to a particular size. Who ever made the decision to pay these people out, need their heads banging together regardless of why or how they did. Common sense needs to be employed here. What ever next, if we’re not careful female officers will be claiming for tripping over a curb stone whilst attending a night time burglary at a Petrol station ………… Wait a moment ………….. that’s already been done hasn’t it. Point proved. As if Police officers don’t get enough crap thrown their way by out of touch and scheming politicians and certain national newspapers, some Police officers just fuel the flames even more by shooting themselves in the feet. No pun intended of course.

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