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Asylum Seekers

by Stephen Wynn on August 2, 2015

So Asylum Seekers, let me make sure I have got this right. The starting point is that they have initially gained illegal entry into the UK. A single person over 18, can claim £36.95. If they are aged between 16 and 18 they can claim £39.80, and if they are under 16 they can claim £52.96. A couple can claim £72.52. On top of this they will also be provided with somewhere to live free of charge. For a couple with 2 children, that could be as much as £35K a year. I wonder if so …many would want to come here if they weren’t provided with all of the above. If I was one of them living in what is universally referred to as a third world country, I would be doing exactly the same to get here. You cant blame them as its a total no brainer, its our government once again that have to shoulder the entire responsibility for this mess. If I was French I would be absolutely lived with British politicians for the mess they are continually causing on both sides of the Channel. We don’t need extra guard dogs, more fencing or extra Immigration staff, we just need a government to stop making the UK an attractive proposition for everybody who just wants a better life for themselves.

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