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£1 Billion in Foreign Aid whilst York drowns

by Stephen Wynn on January 27, 2016

When I was a young man growing up, the mantra of the day was, ‘charity begins at home.’ In plain simple English, look after your own first before you look after others. As 2015 drew to an end, large swathes of Yorkshire and Lancashire were devastated by floodwater, sadly not for the first time. A lot of the residents of the affected towns and villages, are angry, and rightly so. It beggars belief that citizens of the United Kingdom are allowed to suffer hardship and distress by their own government, whilst the latter appear hell bent on spending even more on International or Foreign Aid. How is it possible that so many of the countries roads remain so badly potted holed. Street lights are now turned off at night in most towns and cities up and down the country. Police forces are continually having their annual budgets reduced, which means they unintentionally provide a lesser service to the general public, but in the mean time (according to the Daily Mail newspaper) more than £1Billion of taxpayers money was sent to 20 of the nations that are judged to be the most corrupt nations in the world. Why would any politician with even a modicum of intelligence, seriously believe that is the right thing to do, when the reality is that these monies are going to be corruptly spirited away by the rulers and regimes that hold the power.

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