Private (3646) Richard Savage

by Stephen Wynn on March 14, 2017

On page 82 of my book Durham in the Great War, I wrote a piece about Private Richard Savage. In it I said that Richard had a brother who also served in the war, but that he only lasted for about six weeks before being discharged from the Army for not likely to make an efficient soldier.

I was e-mailed by the great nephew of Richard Savage, Michael Richardson, who asked which brother I was referring to, having checked back through my notes, I could not find any reference of the brother whom I had made mention of. Michael pointed out that besides Richard Savage, five of his brothers in fact served in the Army. These were.

Frederick Thomas Savage – Scottish Rifles.

Charles William Savage – Kings Dragoon Guards.

Alfred Septumis Savage – Royal Garrison Artillery.

John Savage – Royal Field Artillery & Tank Corp.

Robert Savage – Durham Light Infantry.

My apologies to Michael for the discrepancy, and many thanks to him for the additional information.


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