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The World we live in

by Stephen Wynn on July 10, 2016

Where to start. Ok here goes. As of July 2016 British politics is disarray. The Conservative party need to choose a new leader after Cameron announces his resignation in the aftermath of the Brexit vote. Gove stabs Boris in the back and now May looks like she will be the next British Prime Minister, is that good or bad, only time will tell. Corbyn hangs on in their as head of Labour despite the on going disaffection amongst their MP’s, many of whom want him to step down. Eagles, yes I hear you ask, who? is the only Labour MP to come out and openly challenge Corbyn for the leadership of the party.

All the scaremongering about leaving Brexit doesn’t appear to have materialised, although no doubt some businesses will use it to increase prices for bigger profit margins and then simply blame Brexit as the reason why they had to do so, no doubt claiming fears over financial instability forced them to do so.

The British public democratically voted to leave the EU, albeit by a small margin, hail to a brand new world. Hang on a minute, some of those who voted to stay don’t appear to like the result and are now talking about a second referendum. If that goes ahead, which I don’t feel it should, and they lose again, are the same people going to push for a third referendum, and continue until they get the result they are after, and then claim it as a great result. It is risky strategy that’s for sure, as we are now post Brexit and the world hasn’t imploded, what happens if the margin of defeat for those who want to stay is even greater, ouch!

Tony Blair was in the news again with the release of the Chilcot enquiry. No matter how hard he tries to convince people that going to war on Iraq was the right thing to do, sympathy for his corner appears to be in short supply. His cause isn’t helped any by his roll as an advisor/consultant to different regimes and businesses around the world, work that appears to be very well paid. I hear that he charges quite a hefty fee for after dinner speaking. Nice work if you can get it.

America is in the news over the shooting of Black people by Police officers, sadly two in two days in early July, quickly followed by the killings of five Police officers by a black gunman. There are different issues involved here that include racial matters, the ability for ordinary members of the public to purchase military calibre firearms, and policing in general.

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